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January 13, 2007


Amazing how much time, and how many resources, we spend on making our lives miserable. Yii.High maintenance junta, these humans.


January 12, 2007


Note to self: Each breath, a fraction of perpetual wonder.


January 10, 2007


He was standing partially open-mouthed, his black knees covered thinly with white sand. The right leg of his fading blue shorts had folded itself upward, at the edge, and the dirty brown band-aid on his thigh was curling at one end. He had his father’s checkered handkerchief, folded twice, pinned to the pocket of his […]


January 6, 2007


It was all for his taking. And he took it, with time. A universe, treasured in units called moments. Till one day, he forgot to forget himself in fleeting somethings. Forgot to flutter. Forgot to feel. Today, he told me, the biting cold, a moon blushing shades of gray, a mouthful of fragrance of a […]


January 2, 2007


Happy New Year,dear single-digit number of readers. May your muses never desert. And if you find mine, kindly send him back,his share of chocolate cake is fast depleting. (Once he’s back, he’ll be a Muse in desserting. Heh.)