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March 31, 2007


my fingertips twirlapathy, while he writes onmy feet, poetry. —For Peeya


March 12, 2007


curses glued togetherwith deep black sleep,when i tug at your pyjama leg,seep forth through your teethgrittedholding back mouthfuls of dreams. somewhere,your head forgets the pillow,and morning filters orangeinto your speech. you talk to mein one word clarity. you stretch, your fingers flex,you are reluctant to leave behindfamiliar warmthof promises, prophecies, visions hiddenthat you promise to […]


March 9, 2007


Stillness. I can hear sleep. The gentle rustle of people absently adjusting the sheets.An occasional sigh in response to a nerve-generated movie blaringsoundlessly, colourlesslyon a pervading black.Beetles bugging their highpitched lullabies that they practiced all day long,and suddenly, cleared their throats.Automobiles on roads a kilometer away, doing dizzy speeds, groaning under commodity, guiltily sounding their […]