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Twenty Five

May 30, 2007


She defined her space by an 8x5ft grey tiled room. It wasn’t particularly attractive. It had a grey western commode, a grey sink, and a grey mirror-closet, both suffering previtiligo – threatening to go white. Even the view from the window wasn’t particularly spectacular. The neighbour’s barren backyard, and a mango tree that never bore […]

Twenty Four

May 28, 2007


I spoke to a sibling today.Well, not exactly a sibling. But the closest in likeliness. It’s strange what a year of silence can do to people – it makes them distant possibilities. We talked, somewhat like near-grown up adolescents.Or adults in denial. To me, he froze at twenty, the first time he went to rehab. […]

Twenty Three

May 20, 2007


I felt her eyes on me, sometime through my third beer. I’d registered her long dark hair, dusky skin, and round eyes. Everything else was obscured by blue smoke. And she had registered that I was alone, and on my way to pawning my lungs and liver with the devil – probably in exchange for […]

Twenty Two

May 17, 2007


the massive cloud clotting the middle of the sky, was the sick lovechild of a button mushroom and an atomic bomb explosion. it threatened to burst and dissolve everything under a blinding obscurity. everybody seemed to scurry someplace. the streets would soon be deserted. nobody wanted to be a wet blur. although she would’ve liked […]

Twenty One

May 15, 2007


if the unexpected breeze in summer was a colour, he thought it would be blue.and a sky blue – not the one associated with all things depressing. he stood quietly by blue curtains drawn back – pale blue, non-depressing – and watched razor sharp sunlight. he found the sight uncomfortably hot. his bare feet tingled. […]


May 2, 2007


smudged moonlight quiversoff a frosted glass window.look! third-hand sunshine.