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Forty One

January 28, 2008


21, and counting.


January 18, 2008


There’s a grace to falling. Like deft hands skittering across a piano, notes tumbling out hurriedly.Yet, a grace to it. Like walking a giddy, high wall. And falling.Not slipping, mind you. But leaping, of your own volition. Falling from grace.Falling to it. Falling anywhere. Free falling. In love. Out of it.Falling down. A wedding of […]

Thirty Nine

January 14, 2008


The brownie sizzler has gone quiet. The whispy, white ice-cream dreamily slides off the sides. And we stir our lemon teas in silence.The action of stirring, is actually buying time to organize whatever it is in our heads, into meaningful conversation.An act of keeping the hands busy, as higher faculties engage themselves in a very […]

Thirty Eight

January 7, 2008


Om bhuur bhuvaha swaha, tat savitur varenyam,Bhargo devasya dheemahi, dheeyo yo naha prachodayaat.The head-priest at the temple two kilometers away plays it on his tinny but loud speaker system, every morning at four. I know this not because I’m religious, but because I’m wide awake at this time, standing at this accident prone intersection, and […]

Thirty Seven

January 2, 2008


I realized that the business I’m in,involves feeding pieces of my heartto the paper shredder.