Forty Three

Posted on February 11, 2008


I spend all afternoon assembling pieces of you together.
I sit on the floor, legs outstretched, head cocked, wondering what piece of you goes where.
My jigsaw. My challenge for the day.

You keep changing, with every piece of you I put together. Different permutations of you.
I understand you better. And out of the sheer joy of it, I apply two and two better.

Occasionally, there are pieces missing. So, I break off bits of me, and put them there.
A little spittle to smooth out rough edges. A nip here. A tuck there.

You take any shape you want. You grow. You’re beautiful now.
Glowing and full and ready to walk out, shine, put the sun to shame.

I bask in the glory of you.

Each ray of you, pouring through me, spilling onto the floor beyond.
Through gaping spaces.

Spaces made to make you.