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Fifty Two

July 24, 2008


This is an absurd kind of travel:Metropolitans flung across the subcontinent,made minutes apart. Nautical miles chewed up by hungry birds with black noses and rumbling insides,humbling travel to mere commute.Veering over and beyond that fine line between wanderlust,and displacement. I witness the sprawling of Delhi, the compactness of Mumbai, the madness that is Bangalore, and […]

Fifty One

July 14, 2008


I witnessed sunrise of a different kind this morning.The sun came out of hiding, behind thick panels of cream Venetian blinds. Manufactured spectacular-ness, of no particular significance.Especially to the underpaid Handiman who just cranked a couple levers to lift a shutter, and announce yet another day and yet another week in the life of yet […]


July 2, 2008


The clock, as usual, ticks. Another look. And again. And barely a minute has passed. And again. A clutch of seconds. Every breath, incidentally, a deep, deep sigh. A quiet restlessness that has become matter of fact. The eyes stray from the page that’s a neat madness of words and meanings and silences and profundities, […]