Fifty One

Posted on July 14, 2008


I witnessed sunrise of a different kind this morning.
The sun came out of hiding, behind thick panels of cream Venetian blinds.

Manufactured spectacular-ness, of no particular significance.
Especially to the underpaid Handiman who just cranked a couple levers to lift a shutter, and announce yet another day and yet another week in the life of yet another office.
A simple, mechanical action,
that dispelled darkness.

And sunlight eagerly slid in, slyly, smoothly, like fluid gold.

Little belongings, photographs and memories pinned up, the morning crossword, emptying coffee cups, the remains of last night’s dreams, strands of stray hair, last evening’s stubble, eyelashes, brown irises, were all washed auric, etherealized in 10AM splendor.

One resplendent moment, to make surviving all the others worthwhile.

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