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Fifty Six

November 26, 2008


No wonder it’s called a vanity bag. There is no better trove in the world that could showcase a woman in all her splendor. Size, material, the number of straps, buttons, ink stains, the number of zippers – functional, defunct but held up by safety pins, hidden, visible, fashionable, irrelevant. Every seam bursting to tell. […]


November 5, 2008


i watch sunlight.golden embers of the dying sun. i squint. i smile.pleasant warmth that gently wakes me from my lull.seeking out weariness from every dark trenchwith great tenderness. red afterimages with white-hot cores line my closed eyelids. i inhale, smile. deeply.fill my being up.with light.


November 3, 2008


i am an appendix.the harvester of your corruption. the conduit that collects your poison. you notice me when i cause you pain. so,you cut, tear, wench, clinically saw me away. with local anasthesia. and plenty relief.discard me, like the vestigial organ i am.and tell me, i have the gall to call myself an organ. you […]