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What? Lakdikapul is not a stick-flower?

March 30, 2009


And so, I have returned from a weekend of sheer debauchery, two shades blacker, from the land of the Nawabs, Biryani of every conceivable object non/living and G. Pullareddy Sweets. I love this city.For one, it has this major Minaret hangover. Everything here looks like, at any moment, some bard will set up a mehfil/durbaar/whatchummacallit […]

Kill Bill

March 20, 2009


Senthil, Jekyll, Meryl, Cecil, Akhil, Adil, Khalil, Churchill, Patil, Patel, Suhail, Fareil, Gabriel, Ansel, Ansal, Anshul, Rahul, Rohit, Rahit, Rathi, Murthy, Venkatachalapathi… Men. Bah.

Sixty Nine

March 19, 2009


Weariness lines her eyes, like kohl,A gem burns bright in each.Each blink takes its due luxury,buoyant, back-floating on the surface of time.With her, rustles her listless skirt,tinkling sighs.A smile that blossoms quietly withinLips settled in the grooves of habit.Crumpled locks brush her soft shoulders,and whisper kisses and promises in her ear.Limp fingers that acheto lace […]

Instead of thinking of an LOL title,

March 18, 2009


I’m thinking – Chemistry must be blamed for this whole affair. Some moron with plenty time on his hands looked up the English-Latin dictionary, found that Aurum was a fancy way of saying Gold, and then even thought up a nifty little symbol for it. “Ah! Au.” (I’m sure this moron was a really frustrated […]

There is nothing as gratifying

March 10, 2009


as a well-timed, well-deserved, well-enunciated cuss word in the native tongue. Stress-balls, psychotherapy, yoga, counting to ten, twenty, ninety seven – even if it’s in French, and you’re trying to pronounce all the four words of “quartre vingt dix-sept” correctly and in that order – are all shams. They are all machinations of some greater […]

My feet are closet-nudists

March 9, 2009


or, the Confederation of Footwear Makers in Malls and Roadside Alike (CFMMRA) are all plotting against me and my feet. I was considering titling this “My foot”. But since I pen a lot of bad puns for a living already, I decided to make a difference this one time. Anyhow. As every twit acquainted with […]

If fashion won’t accept me,

March 9, 2009


I’ll reject clothes.