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December 30, 2009


Own a bright blue Vespa.With the option of a side carriage. Happy New Year, folks!


December 21, 2009


Make slo-mo videos of:– milk clouds bursting in tea– solid dyes dissolving in water– water meeting hot oil– eggs hatching– over-stretched rubber-bands snappingetc.

Eighty One

December 20, 2009


I held the story in my hand,Held it up to the light. It scattered, like anti-mercury.It scattered, into a million shafts of colour. Colours that didn’t have names to them.Or maybe they did have names,I mean, who remembers colours with nameslike Fuchsia,or Beige, or Burnt Sienna,I don’t mean remember the names,oh those – they’re enchanting,I […]


December 16, 2009


Own a surfboard. And of course, surf.


December 12, 2009


To remember.To take the time out, and remember.


December 7, 2009


Learn to cook a full (insert whatever number)-course Kannadiga meal.