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July 18, 2011


My morning cereal was all over the back of the van. My throat burned And my 6 year old eyes stung, In pain, in shame, And most of all – in pride. I had promised Mumma I wouldn’t cry. But all I wanted, What I really wanted, Was to let loose one sob, Just one, […]

Paging No. 7

July 4, 2011


You will come, one day, Bright eyed, black haired, Laughing and learned, Scornful and sceptical Of my own scepticism. You will agree to go Dutch, Crave an occasional puff, And walk the right pace, And stay to my right. You will say all the right things, And ask all the right questions, And to the […]

Eighty Nine

July 2, 2011


Tell me things I don’t know. Tell me things I haven’t heard. Don’t tell me sins come in sevens, Or that pain is a travesty called heartbreak. Don’t tell me I have hours to kill, But only seconds to count, Or that the early bird gets the worm, And the second mouse gets the cheese. […]