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January 20, 2012


Own a vintage Polaroid camera.

Ninety Six

January 19, 2012


The most complex emotion that we all learn first, is vanity. It happens the day we set eyes on a mirror and fathom its magical property. That only because of it, we are able to behold something we’ve never seen before. A conditional, unusual, not-meant-to-be-seen sight. Ourselves. Nothing can ever look like what we see […]

Ninety Five

January 13, 2012


My favourite hangout has always been my grandfather’s room. It has always held all the things that have ever held allure for me. The tapes of Disney movies of endless repeat value. Chocolates “from foreign”. Stationery “from foreign”. Ornamental bottles of perfume (and other ethanol compounds) “from foreign”. Money to go watch movies. The magic […]

Ninety Four

January 12, 2012


Today, we stole cigarettes from our teacher. We were standing in the corridor, discussing lunch plans. Futility, since we both knew it would be the staple cup noodles. Our Eco teacher came along, and the staple nerds rushed to sing half-assed “Good Afternoon Sir”s. Degenerates will do anything for extra marks. Somebody bumped into EcoMan, […]