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Ninety Eight

February 20, 2012


This is where the pen hovers, trying to incant the right term of endearment, And this will be the most well-planned line in all the prose to follow. This will be the line to shyly admit that writing a letter is a self-conscious moment of shedding the towel at the pool before jumping in. Here […]

Ninety Seven

February 15, 2012


Our father’s father had died as Mr. Ashwath. A name well-earned by a man who sired 13 children from two wives. A name befitting a grand patriarch with a bearing exactly like that of a big, regal banyan. Yesterday, it was time for us to finally find Mr. Ashwath’s 11th son, his favourite – our […]


February 15, 2012


Sit on my haunches, and smoke a beedi. Pinch it by the ear. Examine it. Let the vapours hiss between my teeth. Cast a far-off look, when actually squinting with my eyes burning. Thanks for the idea, @mujib!


February 10, 2012


Watch and photograph an Aurora Borealis.