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A Hundred and Four

July 27, 2012


Clad in gossamer salwaars, Ponytailed hair tumbling in ghosts of school-plait cascades, Dupattas folded with indecision – A stiff V, like in the heart of conservative? An elaborate arrangement to shade modesty? Wound around the neck, an emulation of favourite liberal aunts? Or an incidental billowing sail, that, who knows, will steer to first and […]

A Hundred and Three

July 16, 2012


Every Sunday morning, my little girl wakes her daddy. He’s the sort of person who sleeps on his belly. Swiftly growing scant hair a victim of the ravages of the tides of his sleep. Arms tucked under the pillow. Face stuffed in, like he denies ownership for his lucid dream-addled utterances. A heavy sleeper; that […]

A Hundred and Two

July 4, 2012


You, must write. The hurt, the angry, the wronged, must write. The lost, the wandering, the silent, must write. The ones with something to say, the ones with nothing left to say, must write. Write for joy. Write for sorrow. Write for immortality. Write to demand justice, knowledge, utopia, answers – the dank, dirty things […]