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February 15, 2012


Sit on my haunches, and smoke a beedi. Pinch it by the ear. Examine it. Let the vapours hiss between my teeth. Cast a far-off look, when actually squinting with my eyes burning. Thanks for the idea, @mujib!


February 10, 2012


Watch and photograph an Aurora Borealis.


January 20, 2012


Own a vintage Polaroid camera.


April 15, 2010


See at least 5 of Banksy’s pieces in person. (Psst. Also Eelus. Also Dolk.)


March 31, 2010


Write a comic strip. Draw it too.


February 20, 2010


Machu Picchu.And an Inca tattoo.


January 12, 2010


The great roadtrip with Afwo-man 🙂 Things to carry, apart from the unimaginative logistical items:1 compass1 recently discovered book for trading purposes1 big goody bag for chocolates1 kite to fly1 truckload of hugs1 box of motichoor laddoos. Ha.1 empty notebook for combined travellogue1 sheet with not-very-stupid questions to ask about robotics1 full loaded iPod1 Oxford […]