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A Hundred and Twenty Six

March 26, 2014


Amelie is amused by Nino’s growing bald spot. She rubs this spot every night when she is done creaming her feet and stuffing them into socks, and likens it to peach fuzz. She is older, the skin around her mouth has softened a little. She finds herself appraising her shoes more and more, wondering, is […]

Second in a lifetime movie update.

November 8, 2012


So, to cope with I’m-not-sure-what, I’ve been on a steady diet of caramel popcorn. Meaning, I have been haunting and making full use of PVR’s 100 bucks Wednesdays, or 160 bucks other days, and spending so much time (and money) ingesting celluloid that I have fine filmmaking leaking out of my ears. If I may […]

Down with Sinusitis, I was pondering the meaning of life

May 15, 2009


and then I got bored, and decided to waste away before the tube. What an opportune weekend I had chosen. It seems that most of IMDB’s 100 worst movies were playing on this weekend that man upstairs decided to acutely stuff my sinuses with green stuff. I was reminded of exactly why I stopped watching […]

Seven Pounds in three lines.

February 12, 2009


Dear god, proof that bad screenplay ruins a nice story. Will Smith looks depressed, in an attempt to look profound. Very, very unlechable. I want that beautiful beachhouse, especially since it doesn’t manage to cheer up Will Smith anyway.