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May 14, 2016


Chinni cannot even begin to list the things she hates about herself. Today, latest on that list, is a single thick strand of hair that has sprouted overnight from the mole on her chin. She hates the mole on her chin. It is three sizes too large to be beautiful, and many a friend has failed to resist […]

The Ways We Leave

October 19, 2014


You know you have left only when you come home again. You are greeted by the smell of garlic in hot oil. Of the smell of your mother’s Sunday henna ritual. The smell of your grandmother’s evening flowers gently nagging your grandfather’s morning aftershave. You are warmed, welcomed, then shocked by the smell of your home, a smell that you […]

New White Rain

July 20, 2014


A version of this appeared in Mint Lounge on July 19th, 2014. Do click through for more deets on planning your own trip there! — I was 27 years, one month, and three days old when I touched snow for the first time. It had been a long wait. I had taken an overnight bus […]

Mushroom Soup for the Vegetarian Soul

May 31, 2014


So this appeared in Mint Lounge on May 31st, 2014. It was so much fun writing this. And I think I’ve received my first few zealot commentary, mails, and criticism for it. But more on that some other time. — It was my third day in class I at a new school. My first friend, […]

Girls at a Party

May 13, 2014


In the dining room, the waiter brings champagne to the girl sitting down — she has had enough of her heels. There is the girl who looks cordially bored. There is the girl who is laughing at everything with even a hint of warmth in it, relieved that there is no room for small talk […]

A Hundred and Twenty Six

March 26, 2014


Amelie is amused by Nino’s growing bald spot. She rubs this spot every night when she is done creaming her feet and stuffing them into socks, and likens it to peach fuzz. She is older, the skin around her mouth has softened a little. She finds herself appraising her shoes more and more, wondering, is […]

Bangles & Betelnut in Basavanagudi

March 24, 2014


A version of this appeared in Mint Lounge on March 22nd, 2014. — I don’t think even I have understood my mother as well as the proprietor of Payal Fancy Store has. Everyone – or at least, every Bangalorean woman, her friends and relatives – has encountered the Fancy Store owner. He’s usually wheat-skinned and looks perpetually […]