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A Hundred and Five

August 20, 2012


Here’s Pralaya. Pralaya is a word my grandmother uses to denote the time it would be if I agree to fulfill both her dicta – to oil and keep my hair tidy; and to marry some agreeable bloke. It is, more accurately, the time that will come when the world will find itself dissolved, null, void. […]

Ninety Seven

February 15, 2012


Our father’s father had died as Mr. Ashwath. A name well-earned by a man who sired 13 children from two wives. A name befitting a grand patriarch with a bearing exactly like that of a big, regal banyan. Yesterday, it was time for us to finally find Mr. Ashwath’s 11th son, his favourite – our […]

Eighty Two

January 28, 2010


I was surprised by my wife’s expression, when, after years of my talking about it, she finally saw it and said, “Oh.” It was an Oh that was polite and mindful. Just like her. Careful of trampling upon my feelings. But she couldn’t control the quiet disappointment in it, loud and writhing like a protester […]