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137: Paying It Forward

October 6, 2016


A shamefully long time ago, girlfriend Babushka (urf Babaloobie, aka Babs) very kindly tagged me on this really nice get-to-know, that I obviously put off because one of the things I *excel* at, is procrastination. And today, since I have about two tonnes of bread-butter work to do, I decided it was the perfect time to potter about, guzzle a […]


August 30, 2015


I sat beside an old, old man on the train. His face was a careful collection of lines: big, ragged brackets mounted on top of each other. The entire time, he sat with an indulgent smile, his shining cheeks prodding his eyes to shut and truly savour his joy a little longer — because before him, stood his apple-faced granddaughter. He held a delicate sweater […]

New White Rain

July 20, 2014


A version of this appeared in Mint Lounge on July 19th, 2014. Do click through for more deets on planning your own trip there! — I was 27 years, one month, and three days old when I touched snow for the first time. It had been a long wait. I had taken an overnight bus […]

A Pocketful of Sand

March 3, 2013


A far more civilized, and less self-indulgent version of this appeared in Mint Lounge. Thank you to the brilliant Shamanth Rao for taking this beast through seventy eight gargantubajillion drafts.  — I reluctantly unpack my well-used swimwear and do two more things. First, shiver: Bangalore is too chilly for a one-piece, however conservative. Second, pick my […]

So what if it’s called Tiny Girl Town?

April 17, 2009


It still manages a couple of larger-than-life beautiful waterfalls and potent, mean cups of coffee. For those dazed by my literal obscurity, I went to Chikamagalur (henceforth, Chikax) this weekend. New photographs, friends and the discovery of nicely-photographable friends were the chief exploits of this trip. Oh, the head-chief exploit? The kind of adventure that […]

What? Lakdikapul is not a stick-flower?

March 30, 2009


And so, I have returned from a weekend of sheer debauchery, two shades blacker, from the land of the Nawabs, Biryani of every conceivable object non/living and G. Pullareddy Sweets. I love this city.For one, it has this major Minaret hangover. Everything here looks like, at any moment, some bard will set up a mehfil/durbaar/whatchummacallit […]

Fifty Two

July 24, 2008


This is an absurd kind of travel:Metropolitans flung across the subcontinent,made minutes apart. Nautical miles chewed up by hungry birds with black noses and rumbling insides,humbling travel to mere commute.Veering over and beyond that fine line between wanderlust,and displacement. I witness the sprawling of Delhi, the compactness of Mumbai, the madness that is Bangalore, and […]