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138: An old, old post

September 15, 2017


Hallowed Ground My memory of red-oxide is tinged with the sound it made. There was a quality of foundation to that sound. A thick fatherliness. Solidity. Perhaps it came from the fact that it was mixed directly into cement, poured onto rigid ground, ironed with persistence, dried stern, before deemed terra really, really firma. Anything […]

Bury the hatchet?

November 12, 2010


Or bury the friend?

Check the Meaning

June 22, 2010


I feel like a song by Richard Ashcroft. Bursting with wisdom, with a sparkle of melancholy. A little rusty. On the brink of new. A little pout, a little faith. It’s beautiful that songs can become symbols for feelings that don’t have names.

Eighty One

December 20, 2009


I held the story in my hand,Held it up to the light. It scattered, like anti-mercury.It scattered, into a million shafts of colour. Colours that didn’t have names to them.Or maybe they did have names,I mean, who remembers colours with nameslike Fuchsia,or Beige, or Burnt Sienna,I don’t mean remember the names,oh those – they’re enchanting,I […]

I’m so in love with you,

October 20, 2009


that I even love the thought of being in love with you.

Deepavali/Diwali for Dummies

October 17, 2009


I am, by far, the most non-Diwali person I know. And imagine my utter vexation that I have been rudely awakened from deep long-weekend slumber, by something as insolent as a hyperenthusiastic neighbour testing Bijli patakis. Yes, the same hyperenthusiastic one who lights up rockets in blinding daylight. Of course, my mother sees the opportunity […]

Seventy Seven

July 3, 2009


I suppose the humility of a writer comes from a simple truth. Nobody remembers your words.They only remember how you made them feel.