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If fashion won’t accept me,

March 9, 2009


I’ll reject clothes.

I almost chose a template

March 7, 2009


because it said Tequila.

I’m off men

February 1, 2009


and other bad habits.

Giving chance

January 24, 2009


a chance.


July 2, 2008


The clock, as usual, ticks. Another look. And again. And barely a minute has passed. And again. A clutch of seconds. Every breath, incidentally, a deep, deep sigh. A quiet restlessness that has become matter of fact. The eyes stray from the page that’s a neat madness of words and meanings and silences and profundities, […]

Forty Nine

June 3, 2008


I don’t really do tags. But I’m in a self-indulgent mood today. And I could use several shots in the arm. So, I’m taking this on from TS. Last movie seen in a theatre: Iron Man. (Damned, I’m waiting for Kung-fu Panda and The Dark Knight) What book are you reading? It’s a bad habit […]

Forty Seven

May 5, 2008


The poison that is everyday. So many everydays. One everyday that follows another everyday.Everyday that’s so everyday.Habits, routines, circadian rhythms, time – lies that we tell ourselves that our lives are under control. Like the time-lapse in the subway, under flickering lights, fleeting faces that flit like flies, the fleeing hands of the subway clock. […]