A Hundred and Eleven

Okay, so this one, I’ve been slaving at for a while.

The idea occurred some half a year ago. I was talking to my evil twin H about it, and the minute he got speechless (believe me, this is a feat), I knew I had a nice new plum in hand.

So, I had a beginning. I wrote in fits and starts. The visuals came nicely.
And it read like pure and eloquent shit.

It wasn’t until I started writing regularly at workshop, that I found closure for this story.

It’s been such a fun ride. I’ve been writing and rewriting feverishly for about three days. Now, I will go eat a meal that does not have even the M of Maggi/Mosaru.

I want to one day do the crazy other idea I’ve put in this story. Obviously, I’m not going to tell you what that crazy other idea is, not in this pointless introduction. And as usual, you will need to be armed with a PDF reader, and a finger-inch or two of patience.

I don’t really like subscribing to genres. But if I must, let’s call it Speculative Fiction.

Wah. I am done sounding like a prat.

Now please. Go read. Hindsight.

Peace, potatoes, love. And try not to hit anyone.

For you, H.

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